Why Traditional Education Is Not The Way Forward?

Why Traditional Education Is Not The Way Forward?

In this article, I will explain why traditional education is not the way forward, especially for millennials. 

While I understand there are improvements now and in future, that was not the case in the past.

Especially for those born in 1980s and earlier.

Let me ask you.

What did our teachers, relatives, parents and even friends tell us from young?

That is still embedded in our minds even if we are old enough to think and shape our future on our own?

1. Study Hard

2. Work Hard

3. Save Hard

4. Retire And Live Happily With Your Pensions

Here Is the cold reality.

Though schools teach everything, they teach absolutely nothing about money.

Other than the very basics of working and saving hard.

Those are what we have been taught and conditioned to believe from a child, teenager to young adult.

While what schools teach us to learn and earn paper qualifications, we still need to market ourselves in job interviews.

As in doing research on companies hiring, the positions they hire and what they can do for companies in the positions hired.

That is one problem.

The other is how to grow our money independently instead of depending on bosses, family, friends and government.

As well as differentiating between assets and liabilities that Robert Kiyosaki often talks about in his speeches and books.

Such as Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cash Flow Quadrant and recent Fake Money, Fake Assets, Fake Teachers.

After networking with business people and investors as well as working in banks and financial institutions, I realized what we have been told by teachers and peers is only half the truth.

Below are what real successful people do that average people do not.

1. Learning how to grow their money independently,

2. Differentiating between assets and liabilities

3. Networking with the right people

All these forms what it takes to be financially free and happy.

Every morning when looking yourself in mirror, have you asked yourself:

From the time you went to school to the time you went to work in a job.

To even being in business,

What Are You Doing This For?

If money is the only key reason, isn’t it now the time to let it work for you?

Instead of you working 10, 20 or even your whole life for it?

That is what my upcoming post and video are about.

To give you advice on how you can let your money grow by itself.

Starting with Forex trading

You can also watch my video version on this article below.