Should You Trade Or Invest In Bitcoins?

Trading and investing may sound the same.

But they are as different as day and night.

Trading refers to a short-term method of trying to profit from buying and selling of bitcoins while investing refers to a long-term strategy of holding on to their bitcoins regardless of market fluctuations.


The Bitcoin trader thrives on the exciting volatility of bitcoins.

They attempt to time the market and buy bitcoins when the price dips and then sell at the peak.

However, trading is a high-risk game because you are betting for what may or may not happen.

Trading is not for everyone.

The ones who succeeded are those with nerves of steel and can detach their emotions from market whether it favors their trades or not.

Professionals do not get scared nor distracted from their trading plans.

They come with strategies that suit their personality and risk appetite and stick to them no matter what.

Though their primary aim is also to make profits, they will wait for the right opportunity to either buy at the lowest price or sell at the highest.

Besides courage and determination, it takes focus and ability to act decisively whether the people around support and even understand you or not.

It takes hours of study, training, planning and analysis.

So if you are emotional and easily get influenced by others’ opinions, trading is not for you.


Investors are in for the long-term.

They are not worried by short-term market fluctuations even if everyone else – including family and friends – think otherwise.

Even if the price goes down by hundreds or thousands of dollars, they will not make hasty decisions even if they get worried.

Quite simply, they will not pull out their investment because they already decided they are going to hold it for the next 10, 20 or 30 years.

A wise investor will practice the dollar cost averaging method to manage risk.

This means whether the price goes up or down, they are going to buy bitcoins and hold them.

This strategy is perfect for long-term investments as you are essentially spreading the risk.

Though profits may not be as significant as short-term trading, the bitcoin investor probably sleeps easier at night as they are not worried how the charts look like tomorrow and in future.

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