Penny Stock Prophets Review

Created by James Connelly, Penny Stock Prophet is an online learning program in which the creator identifies penny stocks that he claims should increase their value.

About The Program

After enrolling, users get immediate access to creator James Connelly’s selections and research on companies he intends to invest.

These are sent out via email although this is not a daily service.

His selections are based upon 4 secret variables that James Connelly combines with psychological support levels to analyze the chances of values going up.

All of his selections are fully researched after being identified and as mentioned above a report will be sent out detailing why they are good investments.

Psychological support levels are common these days be it stocks and any other investment.

Still it is his four variables that potentially make his program a winner even though James Connelly is open about the fact that there are risk involved with no guaranteed profits from trading stocks.

How Much Is Your Investment And Your Rate Of Return?

James Connelly prices his Penny Stock Prophet at $47 through Clickbank.

It is a one-time lifetime membership subscription.

Under Clickbank regulations, there is the usual 60 day money back guarantee.

In terms of potential income, $1000 is all you need to get started and earn 10 to 100 times in less than 40 trades.

Despite his earlier income disclaimer and money-back guarantee, this is a rather bold claim.

While you can potentially earn 10 to 100 times, you can also lose the same amount if market goes against your trades.

Does The Program Provide Value For Money?

In terms of learning what stocks and how to trade via theory, yes.

But in terms of earning, no because like all other traders, James is not a fortune teller and cannot guarantee what works for him will work for you.

Besides learning and earning, managing your emotions is just as important as your decisions – like others – is based on those.


You can still invest at your own risk.

Not just the course at $47 but investing your $1000 capital and finding a reliable broker you can park it with.

Like all other investment courses and opportunities, there is no guarantee that you will make millions even after following his training.

And it is not just about making money but protecting your capital in Risk To Reward ratio.

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