Mechanical Rule-Based FX Hedging Review

Mechanical Rule-Based FX Hedging is my latest course based on what I learn and mastered in Forex so far.

Most importantly, my method is the most under-rated and yet most obvious that most traders did not think and overlooked for 2 key reasons.

Ego and greed.

Having said that, this method is buying and selling of same currency pairs in at least 2 separate accounts with 2 different brokers.

Though you can use the same broker, I highly recommend at least 2 different ones.

But the primary aim is to make money whether the market goes up or down.

Unlike most traders, I don’t like to trade on assumption nor probability.

I like to trade on clarity.

But even with this method, it is still important to follow a set of rules.

As in trading with appropriate lot size based on your capital, putting Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) on every trade.

Having said that, this is what my program comprises of.

About The Program

Mechanical Rule-Based FX Hedging

– What Is Mechanical Rules-Based FX Hedging?

– How And Why Did I Come Up With This Strategy?

– Who Do I Follow Signals From?

– How To Create Signals?

– Which Lot Size Should I Choose To Trade?

– How Does This Strategy Work?

– Recommended Brokers

They are both available in PDF guide and video tutorials in one members’ area.

Plus you will be getting bonuses of:

1. Free access to my Telegram groups of Education Hub, Buy and Sell Signals,

2. Other resources I learn and deployed from other more experienced traders.

Find out more via the link below.

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