Forex Trendy Review

Forex Trendy is an automated trading system which analyze market trends before initiating trades for you based on projections and analysis.

About The System

Forex Trendy Review

This system is very advanced considering it can scan over 34 currency pairs every sixty seconds.

It also boasts a 90% success rate.

However, the creators do not use any flashy gimmicks like you find with other systems who tend to promise to make you a millionaire overnight.

But some traders still are not convinced that this program is a safe trading system you can rely on.

Using any binary trading system will come with some degree of risk because a system that can successfully predict every trade simply does nnot exist.

Some of the more popular systems boast a success rate of 85%.

Which is why Forex Trendy’s claim of a 90% success rate has made traders skeptical.

To begin using this platform, you need to register with one of their brokers.

There is a fee of about $40 every 90 days.

This is in addition to the initial deposit.

Once registration is complete, you can start choosing the settings that the system will then analyze.

Once you start making a profit you will be allowed to withdraw money.

With your full access to the member’s area, identification of popular patterns is offered via the chart analysis feature.

Members Area

This is where you will learn more about making smart trades and how to identify these patterns.

The Algorithm

This program is based on a complex algorithm used to identify new trends.

The trends are generated based on market action, not by any type of indicator, which is pretty unique for a trading system.

But when it comes to short term time frames, it offers an advantage.

This program uses 9 time frames, analyzing over 34 currencies.

Essentially, this means that the algorithm analyzes 306 total charts.


This FX scanning tool is very easy to use.

Installation or setup is not required.

Immediately after you sign up you will enjoy instant access to the member’s area where you find a ton of useful information and forex signals that you can use immediately.

Another major selling point is that it does not require extensive FX knowledge in order to use it.

This means that it is a great option for beginners who will be able to read and understand the graphs and charts that are presented and use them to make profitable trades.


This program does have some flaws, despite its many advantages.

Traders must have a stable internet connection in order to operate the software.

You must become comfortable navigating the system and using graphs and charts in order to make educated trades.

You will not hear the audible alerts if you are not in the same room as your PC.

While this program does do its best to help prevent losses, there are some limitations to what it is able to do.

This means that the same trading opportunities are given to every trader who uses this software.

A beginner – without any real understanding of the market – can end up losing money.

Yes, you will get a full refund if you decide the program is not for you, but we really would have liked to have seen an offer for a demo or a short trial.

This would allow users to test out the software before going through the hassle of trying to get a refund.

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