Crypto Cash Flow Review

Crypto Cash Flow is an all-in-one, comprehensive online course.

Priced at $97 per month or $497 per year, it gives you access to a complete membership course, a private mastermind community, and more.

The goal is to give members all of the information they need on how to make money from cryptocurrencies on demand.


The course was created by 2 self-made crypto millionaires Joshua Montoya and Marty Cooney.

They aim to share their knowledge with the world while giving members a private community where they can share their success stories.

A few years ago, they knew nothing about cryptocurrency.

Today, they have 7-figure portfolios.

A few years ago, Josh and Marty were interested in cryptocurrency and determined it would be the wave of the future.

They made it their mission to learn everything about crypto and crypto trading.

The two started off with some small trading wins.

As they learned more and put more money into crypto, however, they started to make larger gains.

Here’s how Josh and Marty explain their journey to crypto fortune:

Course Content

Your purchase includes all of the following:

– Full VIP access to the Crypto Cash Flow membership course ($4,997 value)
– Free access to the Crypto Cash Flow mastermind group on Facebook with Joshua Montoya and Marty Cooney ($997 value)
– Exclusive access to the Crypto Cash Flow Quick Start Guide ($497 value)
– Crypto Cash Flow VIP coaching calls ($4,997 value)
– Access to question and answer sessions with Josh and Marty ($1,997 value)
– Monthly Crypto Cash Flow giveaways ($1,997 value)
– Free access to all future Crypto Cash Flow mini courses and branded Crypto Cash Flow membership content (priceless)

You can sign up for $97 per month or $497 per year.

Regardless of which subscription option you choose, you get the same membership content.

Your membership also includes access to all future content.

What Will You Learn?

The goal is to introduce you to the world of cryptocurrency and how to make money from it.

You discover the basics of cryptocurrency like buying crypto for the first time and the importance of setting up 2FA on your exchange accounts.

As well as how to use cold storage to securely store your cryptocurrency, how to manage your cryptocurrency for maximum security and usability, and the value of hot and cold wallets.

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