Learning The Basics About Trading Forex And Options

Forex And Options Trading Basics

Aside from stock trading, perhaps 2 of the more popular trading instruments in the financial market today are options and foreign exchange.

Both are separate entities in that forex involves solely currencies, while options can represent a variety of stock representations.

Also, forex are bought and traded freely in the market, while options are usually given as rewards and compensations boosters for executives are exercised under a pre-determined rate and time frame.

Forex Trading

Forex trading, short for foreign exchange trading, involves the buying and selling of the many currencies of the world.

It does not operate via a central exchange site, like traditional stock market trading, and may, thus, fully function a 24-hour basis.

When compared to other exchanges, the forex trading market is the largest in the world, even beating the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) by over a hundredfold, in terms of daily trading volume, most of which are conducted by private entities and individuals.

Because of the absence of a central exchange, forex trading happens between 2 parties directly.

Buyers and sellers communicate and trade via the phone, the Internet or other communications networks worldwide.

In addition, trading forex is also speculative, meaning, they are based on expectations on whether a certain currency would rise or fall, depending on current market conditions.

It is risky business, but the returns have often proved themselves worth the risk.

Options Trading

There are 2 forms as in the call and put options.

If you buy a call option, you are expecting your stock price to go up.

You will prefer the put option if you expect the opposite, meaning you expect prices of your stock to decline.

Options are given out for a variety of reasons, but most of them are according to the following:

Companies want to:

– retain their top performers and attract good candidates from outside with incentives,

– ensure their staff to feel accountable for the company’s performance by making them feel as if they are business partners or owners.

– hire workers who are skilled in their chosen fields by offering incentives and compensations that are attractive

It is also important to note that options have expiration dates.

The expiration date is the deadline set by both parties on when the stock option should have been traded or sold.

The option should not stay for too long on an investor’s hand because doing do would make it void, especially after the expiration date.

If this lapses, then the value of the options is considered void and worthless.

Now that you know the basic concepts behind forex and options, it will be easier for you to understand the nature of their movements in the market.

However, a grasp of the basic ideas is not enough, for both are equally tricky to delve into.

It suggested that you seek more literature on both subjects to gain a more solid ground.

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