Are Penny Stocks Risky?

The term high-risk investment sounds scary.

That phrase alone is enough to put many investors off.

After all, no one wants to take a risk.

The trouble with buying any kind of stock is that it is always a gamble.

But how do you decide when a stock is just too high-risk.

There is a lot of information floating around on the Internet about penny stocks.

Almost everyone with an e-mail address has gotten spam at some time or another, touting a penny stock as the next great investment.

Sadly, much of this information is geared toward scamming you in some form or fashion.

It is likely that you will lose all your capital like most investments.

But that does not mean that all penny stocks are bad deals in that you will lose money every time.

Or that every single penny stock is a scam.

In fact, far from it.

Some penny stocks might be very good investments indeed.

Penny stocks are affordably priced shares in companies or businesses that are considered small as opposed to big corporations.

There are not many shareholders involved in penny stocks, making them less liquid than other types of stock.

The goal of investing in penny stocks it to part with very little money initially to enjoy a big return later.

Does it work this way?

It does, sometimes, just not all the time.

For those who know what they are doing when investing in penny stocks, they can be a great investment tool.

Mastering the art of trading in penny stocks can be tricky.

For one thing, penny stocks are not traded on the major stock exchanges.

Rather, they are regarded as over the counter investments listed on Pink Sheets and OTCBB.

This makes penny stocks rather unique, and somewhat harder to find for many investors.

Penny stocks are also not traded regularly, so sometimes investors have very little time to act.

Because trading does not occur often with penny stocks, there is always the fear of being unable to sell one’s shares of penny stocks and winding up with a bad investment.

This is all part of the risk of trading in penny stocks, and many investors think this makes the game all the more challenging.

When you invest in penny stocks, you should receive monthly updates that let you know how your stock is doing.

So, are penny stocks too risky?

The only person who can decide that is you.

Some investors find that penny stocks aren’t too risky, but others do.

It is all a question of how much gambling with your money you want to do, how much you know about penny stocks, and how lucky you feel.

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